Make money! Get famous!

Who doesn’t want to make money and get famous?

The odds against podcasting fame are steep—over 500,000 shows compete for listeners.

When competition is steep, quality is critical, and coaching helps.

Podcast hosting + coaching is ideal if you:

  • are a new podcaster and “hosting”, “distribution”, “downloads”, and “subscribers” is word soup.
  • have plenty of podcast experience, but are wrestling with an audience growth plateau.
  • want to get to know other talented podcasters beyond what’s possible in giant facebook groups or at once-a-year conferences.

Finely Crafted Hosting + Expert Coaching

Beautiful software and brilliant people

An intuitive, helpful experience

From episode creation to analytics, every screen in Timber’s hosting site is made with you in mind. We give you helpful hints about which episode number you’re on while you’re adding an episode. We give you episode performance charts inline while you browse your episode list.

“My episodes have never shown as unavailable. There’s never been a 500 error with any of my episodes, and I’ve had no issues with the service as a hosting provider. I like the way they organized their data. I like the aesthetic of the back end.”

Tanner Campbell — Podcast Expert, Host, Podcasting Sucks

A clean workspace

We aren’t done adding features, but we believe in the maxim of “the right tool for the job.” Podcast hosting services aren’t the best website makers, link shorteners, or ad pitch pdf designers. We’ll keep your workspace clean and tidy and not cluttered with tools you never use.

“The service looks fantastic! It’s very easy to use and has some really nice features. Everything you need, and none of the stuff you don’t!”

Andrew Haworth — Host, Photo 365

Meet successful podcasters

We’ve profiled dozens of successful podcasters for our stories, and we’ve never met one that isn’t part of a community of other successful podcasters. When you join Timber, you’ll be invited to our private Discord community that already includes successful creators. It’s an inspiring place to be.

“Indie podcasters need to be at the top of their games to compete with the industry’s big names and big money. Timber helps them get there by offering feedback on everything from audio quality to story structure, and creating a supportive community to ask questions and share ideas.”

Jenna SpinelleJournalism instructor and Timber contributor

“Podcasters need constructive, high-quality feedback if they want to grow — but your friends and fans will only tell you so much. The smart, positive Discord community at Timber is a tremendous value for creators, and I love helping them improve their podcasts.”

Eric Johnson — Host, Follow Friday

One-on-one coaching

Twice per year, whenever you want, you can request an episode review. Accomplished industry experts will listen carefully, and give you an action plan to level up.

When I was a new podcaster, honest feedback on how to improve my show was nearly impossible to come by (or absurdly expensive!). I am thrilled to be part of Timber; not only is the work itself immensely rewarding, but our Discord community has become my new favorite place to make connections with creative and motivated audiomakers.

Skye Pillsbury — Podcast Insider Creator, Host + HotPod and Timber Contributor

Live coaching sessions

Twice a month, Timber leaders and podcast experts host live coaching sessions to answer your specific questions. Bring your editing questions, your social media questions, your show format questions, and we’ll workshop them. As we grow, we’ll keep the size of these workshops manageable.


During our initial launch phase Timber has one price:


For this price, you can host:

  • As many podcasts as you need, downloaded
  • as many times as your listeners want, with
  • as many users as you need to get your work done.


  • Two one-on-one written coaching sessions per year (a $300 value).
  • Access to Timber’s private podcaster’s only Discord
  • Twice monthly live coaching workshops with experts

Yes, let’s assume there’s some fine print that we don’t want big networks using a single account for all their shows or for you to share your login information around to all your friends. But the idea is you’re a podcaster or podcast team and the price is the price.


Chris Hickman is a veteran startup software expert who cut his teeth at Microsoft. Jon Christensen is a veteran startup software expert who has built products for over 35 startups. Together in 2018 and ’19, we hosted over 100 episodes of Mobycast, a podcast about how to build highly scalable, reliable, top quality software. During this time, we realized two things:

  1. The tools and software we were using to create Mobycast could benefit from some of the very things we were teaching.
  2. Building a podcast audience is hard. And it’s the one thing that everyone wants help with.

So in 2020, we started building Timber. It’s already sleek and scalable, and as we add new features we always ask ourselves one question: will this new feature help you get new listeners?

Use Timber today to host your podcast