Grow Your Social Media Following the Hard Way

A five-step guide to attract followers that are actually interested in your podcast

When I was first starting Timber, I knew that I wanted to create a few social media accounts just for Timber and build up their followings. It goes almost without saying that having a high-quality social media following is one of the best ways to build a podcast audience, sell software, or do just about anything that involves getting a large group of people to pay attention.

Twitter and Instagram seemed like my best bets because they both have a strong tradition of strangers interacting and following each other—unlike Facebook or LinkedIn.

My personal accounts on these platforms have relatively small followings under 1000, so I knew it was going to be a challenge to attract more than 1000 people to branded accounts. After posting into the void for a few weeks, getting no interaction and no traction, I stumbled on a strategy that worked.

My strategy (below) involves quite a bit of tedious labor, but it results in more high-quality followers than automated or semi-automated tools like Tweepi. If you follow these steps for several weeks, you can get your follower count up to two or three thousand followers on any platform, and your followers will be real people that follow you for your content, not for the follow-back.

I recommend this strategy to anyone who either has fewer than 1000 followers or has really low engagement because your followers are bots or poorly aligned people that aren’t interested in [...]

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