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Professional feedback on your podcast from Timber

Important update, we have had to pause new signups because we’ve had so many. Please join the waiting list below.

Getting meaningful, candid feedback on your podcast episodes is difficult, especially for indie podcasters working without professional teams behind them. In this new community from Timber, members and professionals will join to give each other feedback and support. We’re running this in a new subscriber-only area, called #the-edit, in the Timber Discord server. It’s here to help you improve your show with feedback that goes beyond “sounds great!”

How it works

After subscribing you’ll get access to a special area of the Timber Discord server. Once per month, you can drop up to one hour of unpublished or previously published audio into the channel. Then members and professionals leading each edit will dive in to comment and help.

We value participation that is encouraging, helpful, respectful, and 100 percent of the time coming from a place of loving podcasts and supporting creators.

Join The Edit Waiting List

The Edit is full but by adding your name to the list, you'll reserve your spot in line.

Multidimensional feedback

We will listen with the following nine areas in mind and give you feedback on the ones most relevant to your work:

  • Recording notes (any sound quality issues)
  • Soundscape (notes on music, sound design, and aural feel)
  • Personality (notes on host chemistry, humor, likability)
  • Stickiness (what’s keeping listeners engaged and where listeners might lose you)
  • Landmines (are there any no-nos like making blanket statements about a groups of people)
  • Journalism notes (any journalistic concerns where fact checking or additional research might be suggested?)
  • Story notes (how’s the storytelling? Is it immersive, shareable, can you follow it?)
  • Format notes (intro/outro/sections sound good and make sense and fit?)
  • Writing notes (if parts of the show are scripted, does the script need writing improvements?)
Gather round for the edit.

Monthly subscription

When we have availability, you’ll be invited to join with a monthly subscription for $20 a month. We’ll send you an email so that you can get your invite.

Join The Edit Waiting List

The Edit List

The Edit is full but by adding your name to the list, you'll reserve your spot in line.

Meet the Timber Reviewers

Timber has gathered a group of professionals willing to offer their own time to help give your show a nudge in the right direction.

Shruti Ravindran

Shruti Ravindran—Writer and podcast producer. She’s written some of Timber’s most loved stories, and was a producer on Science Vs. at Gimlet.

Skye Pillsbury

Skye PillsburyHot Pod contributor, former Inside Podcasting writer and podcast host.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson—Founder of podcast production house Bumblecast, host of Follow Friday, and award winning producer of Recode Decode.

Jenna Spinelle

Jenna Spinelle—Journalist, podcaster, and Penn State educator. Producer of Democracy Works, and writer of some of Timber’s most helpful podcasting guides.


If you haven’t heard of the concept of “the edit” before, listen to Jessica Abel describe it in this episode of Out on the Wire. Simply put, it’s a group meeting where everyone listens for ways to improve the first draft of a show and gives the show’s producer notes.