The Edit with Timber Hosting — Discontinued

Grow your audience by improving your show

Update 1/27/2022

The Edit and Timber hosting have been discontinued. More information available on our about page.

Welcome Podcasting, Seriously Members!

You care about great storytelling and are putting in the work to learn, plan, edit, and promote your show.

Timber hosting customers now have access to a service, called #the-edit, in the Timber Discord server. It’s here to help you improve your show with feedback from industry pros that goes beyond “sounds great!”

How it works

Podcast industry professionals will listen carefully to your audio and give you kind, thoughtful, important advice (visible only to a small group of peers) to help you improve your show.

Cohorts will stay small as The Edit grows. There’s a lot to learn from reading feedback on other people’s podcasts and not just your own, but we’ll keep group sizes small because we want the group to feel supportive and not like putting your baby on exhibit.

Join now

Now the only way to get The Edit is to subscribe to Timber Hosting (you don’t actually have to host your show on Timber, but buying hosting is the cost of entry). You get 2 edits on your show per year and full access to the Discord community.

Subscribe to Timber Hosting to receive 2 edits per year and full access to the community. Access includes a 14 day free trial

Multidimensional feedback

The feedback we provide is high-level, but covers a bunch of important issues, among them:

  • Recording notes (any sound quality issues)
  • Soundscape (notes on music, sound design, and aural feel)
  • Personality (notes on host chemistry, humor, likability)
  • Stickiness (what’s keeping listeners engaged and where listeners might lose you)
  • Landmines (are there any no-nos like making blanket statements about a groups of people)
  • Journalism notes (any journalistic concerns where fact checking or additional research might be suggested?)
  • Story notes (how’s the storytelling? Is it immersive, shareable, can you follow it?)
  • Format notes (intro/outro/sections sound good and make sense and fit?)
  • Writing notes (if parts of the show are scripted, does the script need writing improvements?)
Gather round for The Edit.

Meet the Timber Reviewers

Our group of professionals includes tastemakers and experienced audio producers.

Shruti Ravindran

Shruti Ravindran—Writer and podcast producer. She’s written some of Timber’s most loved stories, and was a producer on Science Vs. at Gimlet.

Skye Pillsbury

Skye PillsburyHot Pod contributor, former Inside Podcasting writer and podcast host.

Eric Johnson

Eric Johnson—Founder of podcast production house LightningPod, host of Follow Friday, and award winning producer of Recode Decode.

Jenna Spinelle

Jenna Spinelle—Journalist, podcaster, and Penn State educator. Producer of Democracy Works, and writer of some of Timber’s most helpful podcasting guides.

What people are saying

Jonathan Hall (participant): “Wow. That’s amazing feedback. Thanks! I’ll get that book now. I’ve been looking for good reading material on how to interview.”

Mindy Petersen (participant): “I especially liked your suggestion about drawing out the guest on their own feelings on the topic. I saw your comments in time to use this tip in an interview today.😊

Celine Teo-Blockey (participant): “Will be back! But just wanted to say thank you both for taking the time. Love this editing room.”

Jim Collison on Ask the Podcast Coach: “Dave, this may be a really good way for 20 bucks to get some honest feedback, to get beyond your survey. Cause you’re not going to get it in most cases. So this would be a great idea … for 20 bucks!?”

Shreya Sharma from Inside Podcasting: “This could be useful for all independent podcasters seeking to learn and grow in the space.”


If you haven’t heard of the concept of “the edit” before, listen to Jessica Abel describe it in this episode of Out on the Wire. Simply put, it’s a group meeting where everyone listens for ways to improve the first draft of a show and gives the show’s producer notes.