Think Like a Journalist to Grow Your Audience

Jenna Spinelle reveals the surprising parallels between journalism and podcast marketing

If you hang out in podcasting communities online or offline, one of the questions that comes up most frequently is, “How do I grow my audience?” Everyone is always searching for more downloads, more subscribers, more listeners. Much like a tree falling in the woods, if a podcast is published and no one hears it, does it matter?

The problem is that many podcasters go about finding those coveted listeners in entirely the wrong way. A lot of conventional wisdom tells us to churn out content on social media ad nauseam, post in every “self-promo Tuesday” thread on social media, or spend money on advertising.

All of these things are fine, but they focus on quantity, not quality. The listeners you acquire are probably not the people who are going to become your superfans, and you spend your time doing robot-like tasks (or paying someone else to do them) rather than making genuine connections with other people.

What if there were a better way to find not just an audience, but people who will become true fans? There is, and it only involves a few small changes to your mindset and your techniques.

A reporter’s techniques with a marketer’s mindset

My background is in journalism and I spent the earliest days of my career working on a “beat,” which is newsroom jargon for a topic that a reporter covers. Some reporters have the White House as their beat, while others [...]

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