How to Navigate the Podcast to TV Pipeline According to Pros

Advice from Lee Eisenberg, Marshall Lewy, Eli Horowitz, and Aaron Mahnke

“People are always looking for IP, people are always looking for good stories,” says Lee Eisenberg, a longtime TV producer, who is turning WeCrashed into a series at Apple TV+. The evidence of that is in the steady stream of podcasts becoming television shows. There’s basketball ref scandal Whistleblower, Australian crime series The Teacher’s Pet, crime drama Over My Dead Body, beloved paranormal series Welcome to Night Vale, investigative series To Live and Die In LA, sci-fi drama Girl In Space, school drama Nice White Parents, serial killer thriller Happy Face, and so many more. This article could be nothing but a long, long list of shows that have gone from podcast to TV. As Gore Vidal once noted, “Television is now so desperately hungry for material that they're scraping the top of the barrel.”

But how do podcasters who aren’t hooked up with Wondery or have an in at Apple TV+ get started bringing a podcast to a new medium? To find out the twists and turns of the podcast-to-TV pipeline, we spoke to Eisenberg, and three other experts: Wondery Chief Content Officer Marshall Lewy the; Homecoming creator Eli Horowitz, who helped shepherd it from Gimlet to Amazon; Aaron Mahnke, whose podcast Lore became a series on Amazon.

Podcast first

Producers’ ears are piqued by stories that [...]

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