How To Make a Compelling Companion Podcast According to Pros

Advice from Roman Mars, Bari Finkel, Christopher Johnson, Dan Taberski, Krys Marshall, and Will Malnati

Hollywood is in the middle of a long love affair with podcasts. Evidence of that can be seen in the number of podcasts being turned into TV shows, including The Shrink Next Door, Nice White Parents, and The Edge of Sleep. Increasingly, though, that relationship is going both ways, thanks to the rise of companion podcasts.

As the name implies, companion podcasts are meant to accompany a television show or film.

Some are recap shows, like Here To Make Friends, which recaps the action on The Bachelor. Others are re-watch podcasts like Veronica Mars Investigations and Again With This, which looks back at Beverly Hills 90210. There are also companion podcasts created by former cast members—like Office Ladies with Jenna Fisher and Angela Kinsey and Talking Sopranos with Michael Imperioli and Steve Schirripa—which offer fans a fun peek behind the curtain. While those shows are official-ish, the buzz they have created has been noticed. Networks and studios are steadily getting in on the podcasting fun, creating their own official companion podcasts for their TV shows, helping to generate buzz, and controlling the narrative surrounding them. That means there is a growing marketplace for excellent companion podcasts across the spectrum, from pure behind-the-scenes shows to post-show recaps to podcasts that tell related stories, but stand on [...]

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