Tim Bear

Our podcast hosting service has the same ethos as our stories—based in a belief that hard work, dedication to craft, and good taste are at the root of making stuff of value.

Timber cofounder, Chris Hickman, called me yesterday afternoon and said, “It’s been a shit ton of work, but we made some really good software.”

We have three important things nailed:

  1. Show imports: Import your show at lightning speed.
  2. Episode management: Drafting, scheduling, publishing, updating, unpublishing, rescheduling, deleting… all super intuitive.
  3. Analytics: Get a bird’s eye view of how episodes are performing right in your episode list. Track unique listeners over time.

If you bring your carefully crafted shows to our platform, and your friends bring theirs, soon we’ll have a community of creators and their must-listen shows that will open the door to the next step in what we’re building.

Please feel free to send your questions via email to jon@timber.fm

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