How to Magically Grow Your Podcast

Erik Tait has found a winning formula for an audience of magicians

The Penguin Magic Podcast, hosted by comedian and magician Erik Tait, might bring to mind descriptions of tricks and discussions of great magic performances. And it is that—but with a little bit of interview savvy and a lot of magic, Tait has created a listening experience about the community that resonates with magicians and magic fans alike.

Tait didn’t just roll out of bed, order a mic from Amazon, and start podcasting. He worked in different sectors of the entertainment industry for several years, finding regional success as a comedian as well as with a live quiz show. It was as a magician, however, that he thrived. 

After years of doing corporate parties and private events, Tait’s career took off in 2018, when he was named the Gold Cups Close Up Competition Champion  by the International Brotherhood of Magicians. Around the same time, Tait was hired as a magic lecturer for Penguin Magic, one of the biggest magic companies in the country. He also had an appearance on Penn & Teller: Fool Us.“I had three things sort of hit all at the same time, and that shoved me into the face of the magic community,” he says. 

Thanks to his newfound status in the magic community, the next year Penguin Magic approached Tait [...]

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