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We're giving away the actual guides our pro editors use to give feedback


Hi, I’m Jon Christensen, one of Timber’s cofounders, and I help podcasters make shows that last—the kind that still get recommended three weeks, three months, and three years after they were published.

Timber Cofounder Jon Christensen

You got here because you’re an experienced podcaster trying to grow your audience. If you ever spend time in Reddit or in Facebook podcasting groups, you’ve seen people ask how to grow their audience, and there’s always a hip shooter that replies, “make your show better.” So how in the hell do you actually do that? Do you have to get funnier? Do you have to sound smarter? No, there are fundamental improvements that you can make that mister hip shooter may not even know.

The craft of telling audio stories didn’t start with podcasting, and there are people that we can learn from that have spent a lifetime building experience, teaching, and improving. We distilled some of their most common techniques for making great audio into two checklists. One for nonfiction shows (narrative nonfiction, interviews, education), and one for fiction.

These two checklists are what our pro editors use to provide feedback in our private podcasting community. You don’t need to be a member of the community to see the checklists and use them on your own podcast.

So, please take a look. Try listening with one of the checklists close at hand, and let me know if it helps you “make your show better.”

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