Podcast Audience Growth "Cosmo Quiz"

Eight questions to determine where to focus your audience building efforts


Hi, I’m Jon Christensen, one of Timber’s cofounders, and I help podcasters make shows that last—the kind that still get recommended three weeks, three months, and three years after they were published.


Timber Cofounder Jon Christensen

Experienced podcasters that have seen their numbers plateau, been frustrated by some lackluster interviews, and wondered what they can accomplish with editing realize there’s a whole world of things they can learn. These are the people Timber is purpose-built to help.

We have a private group of podcasters lead by accomplished industry experts.

Since we started it, all our members have improved their shows and some have seen their audiences double.

Before you join our private group, you can take this audience growth self assessment. Answer all the questions and you’ll be prescribed one single thing to focus on to grow your show.

Wishing you a fruitful podcasting journey!

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