Update 1/27/2022

The Edit and Timber hosting have been discontinued. More information available on our about page.

Tim Bear

Welcome Podcasting, Seriuosly Members!

You care about great storytelling and are putting in the work to learn, plan, edit, and promote your show.

Timber has a new podcast hosting service and we’re looking for people like you. It’s just launching, and we’re inviting a few people to try it out for free.

While we are just getting started, there are three things we do really well:

  1. Show imports: We want the experience of importing your show from another service to be incredible.
  2. Episode management: Drafing, scheduling, publishing, updating, unpublishing, rescheduling, deleting… there are so many things you can do with an episode. We want this to be super intuitive when you use Timber.
  3. Analytics: Every platform handles analytics similarly. There’s a place where you manage your episodes and a separate place where you see your analytics. We’ve blended the two areas so that when you see your list of episodes, you’ll also get a bird’s eye view of how they’re performing.

If you bring your carefully crafted shows to our platform, and your friends bring theirs, soon we’ll have a community of creators and their must-listen shows that will open the door to the next step in what we’re building.

Please feel free to send your questions via email to jon@timber.fm