Grow Your Social Media Following the Hard Way

A five-step guide to attract followers that are actually interested in your podcast

Hi, I’m Jon Christensen, one of Timber’s cofounders, and I help podcasters make shows that last—the kind that still get recommended three weeks, three months, and three years after they were published.

Timber Cofounder Jon Christensen

You got here because you’re an experienced podcaster trying to grow your audience. Since we started Timber, we’ve talked to a ton of podcasters that have successful shows, and every single one of them had one thing in common. They all had a way of reaching people before they tried to build a podcast audience. Some of them had mailing lists from other endeavors, some of them were famous for other things, but none of them built their audience with nothing but their podcast.

Building a social media following isn’t easy, but it’s easier than building a podcast audience, and if your ultimate goal is to find more listeners, we think it’s a good place to start.

I don’t want to oversell the technique in the article you’re about to read. It works, but it is work. There’s nothing magical to getting people to notice you and want to follow you. They follow you for the same reasons you might want to follow other people. It’s best if the reason is because of what you publish and not just because you “follow back.”

So, please take a look. Read the article. Try out the technique if it’s one that suits your podcast, and let me know if it helps you grow your social media following.

Help me grow my social media following

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